Synergy Aerospace Corp. Becomes First Latin American Company to Enroll in Bombardier Carbon Offset Program

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August 15, 2009



From left to right:
Marty Moses, Manager, Customer Response Team, Southeast U.S, Mexico,
Central & South America
Fabio Rebello, regional vice-president, sales, Latin America
José Efromovich, board member of Synergy Aerospace Corp.
José Eduardo I. Brandão, Sales & Marketing Director, OceanAir Táxi Aéreo Ltda

• Bombardier Carbon Offset Program selected for Learjet 45 XR aircraft due to its
efficiency and ease of administration
São Paulo, August 14, 2009 – Bombardier Aerospace today announced that Synergy
Aerospace Corp. of São Paulo, Brazil has enrolled its Learjet 45 XR aircraft in Bombardier’s
innovative Carbon Offset Program and becomes the first Latin American company to join the
“Synergy Aerospace Corp. strongly believes in corporate and social responsibility, which is why
we are proud to enroll our Learjet 45 XR aircraft in the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program,”
said José Efromovich, board member of Synergy Aerospace Corp. “The Bombardier program is
especially attractive because it allows us to easily mitigate the environmental impact of our
flying since Bombardier handles the program administration.”
Synergy’s Learjet 45 XR aircraft will be operated by OceanAir Táxi Aéreo based at Congonhas
airport in São Paulo, Brazil. OceanAir has been offering charter service to customers in Latin
America since 2004 and it operates a fleet of five aircraft with eight full time pilots. OceanAir
Táxi Aéreo is licensed to fly within South America.
“Synergy Aerospace Corp.’s decision to enroll in the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program is a
great example of how corporate aviation can address its environmental impact while the
industry develops new technologies for reducing its carbon emissions,” said Michael McAdoo,
vice-president and general manager, Fleet Management Solutions, Bombardier Customer
Services. “Carbon footprint reduction and taking action to minimize the impact of remaining
emissions is a growing concern for many customers and we are pleased to offer these
operators a turnkey option to achieving this objective.”
Bombardier Carbon Offset Program
Bombardier became the first aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to launch a
Carbon Offset Program for its customers in September 2007. The Bombardier Carbon Offset
Program is a simple and effective way to offset the CO2 emissions generated by a Bombardier
business aircraft (or a non-Bombardier aircraft model in a mixed fleet). Customers enrolled in
the program are charged a fixed cost per flight hour (rates vary depending on aircraft model),
which is then used to purchase Verified Emission Reduction (VER) credits through a leading
offset provider called ClimateCare.
Bombardier administers the program through its proven Smart Services platform and
ClimateCare, owned by the J.P. Morgan Environmental Markets group, invests the fees paid for
offset credits into a portfolio of projects that will reduce the equivalent amount of CO2. Projects
undertaken by ClimateCare are developed to internationally recognized industry standards.
Bombardier is committed to working with ClimateCare and European Union authorities to
ensure the program also supports a solution for operators with obligations under the European
Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which is scheduled to take effect in January 2012.
Bombardier voluntarily offsets carbon emissions resulting from corporate flights on its business
aircraft, its demonstration fleet and its PartsExpress flights through Flexjet. Flexjet fractional
owners also have the option to offset their flight hours through the program.

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