BLR Aerospace STC Expands Performance Options for Bell 204/205 Operators

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September 15, 2009


Everett, Wash., Sept. 14, 2009 — BLR Aerospace has good news for owners and operators of Bell 204, 205A, 205A1, and 205B helicopters — especially those whose aircraft are already equipped with Dual Tailboom Strakes. The FastFin™ segment of the FastFin tail rotor enhancement and stability system has received Supplemental Type Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for installation on these Bell aircraft.

“Operators, especially those who do utility work, can now realize the full benefits of the FastFin tail rotor enhancement and stability system,” said Dave Marone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BLR. “These are already hard-working, efficient medium-lift helicopters, and this enhancement will take their performance to a whole new level.”

The FastFin System improves productivity and safety while reducing workload for helicopter operators. FastFin also expands lifting capacity and performance while enabling greater stability in all flight regimes.  Installation of the system will improve hot/high performance while in power-limited conditions by up to 4.5 percent and reduce fuel burn in hover by up to 6.5 percent. When in a left pedal-limited condition, performance results can be significantly greater.

The patented FastFin System modifies the tailboom with two parallel stall strips (Dual Tailboom Strakes) and a re-shaped vertical fin, optimizing airflow around the tailboom for dramatically improved handling. As a result of the new STC, operators may purchase kits for the vertical fin alteration. Kits for the entire FastFin modification (with the Dual Tailboom Strakes) are also available.

FastFin is available for Bell 212s and most UH-1 derivatives. BLR has a certified Dual Tailboom Strake System for the Bell 412 and is hopeful to certify the Bell 412 FastFin System in early 2010. The U.S. State Department has installed FastFin systems on 10 Bell HUEY-II helicopters operating in Afghanistan. The enhancement helps the armed aircraft fly more effectively with greater payloads at high density altitudes, making it an ideal addition for aircraft operating in hot, mountainous Afghanistan.

“No matter the mission, today’s operators are looking for every competitive advantage,” Marone said. “Our technology expands the envelope and helps operators achieve maximum return on their capital investments.”

Marone will be answering questions and providing information about FastFin’s aerodynamic improvements daily during Helitech (Exhibit 621), Sept. 22-24 in Duxford.

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