Garmin Offers New Upgrades and Enhancements to G1000-Equipped King Air Series Aircraft in Europe

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November 14, 2014



Garmin is pleased to announce EASA validation of the most recent software for G1000-equipped King Air
200/250/300/350 series aircraft. These enhancements provide a number of new features and optional
equipment upgrades that offer King Air owners and operators enhanced capability. These upgrades
include customer-requested features, such as user-defined holding patterns and the approval of optional
equipment, to increase its global operating capability.
User-Defined Holding Patterns
Owners and operators now have the ability to quickly build user-defined holding patterns that can be
created over an existing fix in the navigation database or user-defined waypoint. Unpublished holds or
those assigned by air traffic control are easily created and displayed on the multi-function display (MFD),
further simplifying the process of flying a holding pattern.
Baro-VNAV Approach Capability
New capabilities including the option to fly Baro-VNAV approaches, present a significant opportunity for
owners and operators to fly more efficiently with greater flexibility and situational awareness.
Search and Rescue Options
For operators conducting SAR missions, the G1000 system can automatically generate flight plans for
three search patterns: Parallel Line Search, Expanding Square, and Sector Search patterns. This feature
aids in crew situational awareness by streamlining the process of entering and managing search patterns.
The SAR package is a priced option.
Access More Remote Locations
The optional GRS 7800 Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) enables free-gyro mode for King
Air aircraft, greatly expanding the authorized area of operation up to North 65 degrees latitude. With the
optional GRS 7800, King Air operators will increase their global operational capabilities and have access to
more remote locations throughout the world.
The optional GTS 8000 traffic system and GTX 3000 transponder is a fully Change 7.1 compliant
TCAS II/ACAS II system, which also meets the standards for ADS-B ‘Out’ compliance. This offers King Air
operators a solution to satisfy worldwide regulatory requirements. The GTS 8000 system offers improved
safety by issuing traffic alerts and Resolution Advisories (RA) to avoid traffic conflicts. The optional
GRA 5500 radar altimeter supports the TCAS II/ACAS II solution for King Air aircraft without an existing
compatible radar altimeter. The GRA 5500 all-digital radar altimeter provides smooth altitude tracking
resulting in highly accurate altitude indications, even over the most challenging environments.
Solid State Weather Radar
The GWX 70 combines exceptional range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition
for accurate, real-time weather analysis in the cockpit. Compared to earlier generation magnetron-based
weather radar systems, pilot-adjustable horizontal scan angles of up to 120 degrees allows for precise
scanning along a route of flight, while vertical scanning enables pilots to interpret storm tops, gradients
and storm cell development at various altitudes. The digital GWX 70 offers significant improvements in
capability, reliability, and cost of ownership.
Expanded Upgrade Eligibility
The aircraft eligibility list now includes the B200GT and B200CGT models and also includes all serial
numbers for B200 and B200C models.
Platinum Plus Promotion
The King Air Platinum Plus Promotion expands upon the existing Platinum Package to include additional
upgrades and optional features. King Air owners placing an order for the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck by
January 24, 2015, may take advantage of substantial savings on safety-enhancing G1000 options,
including Garmin’s Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin ESP) system, Synthetic Vision Technology
(SVT), Garmin ChartView and the GRT/GRC 10 Sirius XM audio remote. The electronic monitoring and
exceedance-correcting technology offered by Garmin ESP works to assist the pilot to ensure the aircraft
maintains a safe, flight-stable condition. Garmin ESP functions independently from the autopilot when the
pilot is hand-flying the aircraft, providing gentle control inputs back towards stable flight whenever pitch,
roll or high-speed deviations exceed the recommended limits. Coupled go-arounds are also enabled with
this technology, which greatly reduces pilot workload during critical phases of flight. SVT enhances
situational awareness to provide a rich, three-dimensional depiction of terrain, obstacles, the runway
environment and more, while ChartView gives pilots access to Jeppesen’s extensive library of charts and
airport diagrams. The King Air Platinum Plus promotion is available for $29,995, offering a savings of over
For current King Air owners and operators, the latest software is available today from a Garmin
Authorized Dealer as a free upgrade (installation charges may apply). Optional equipment upgrades are
also currently available. King Air owners and operators may contact a Garmin Authorized Dealer for
pricing information.

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