AJW Aviation wins ‘The Aviation 100 Parts Supplier of the Year’ Award for third year running

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January 21, 2015


London, 21st January 2015:  AJW Aviation is proud to have once again been announced as the winner of ‘The Aviation 100 Parts Supplier of the Year’ Award 2015, after receiving over 11,000 votes.

Now in its fifth year, the Airline Economics ‘Aviation 100’ awards is one of the largest events of its kind and recognises the year’s industry leading performers, based on votes and top ten rankings across strict criteria. 2014 ended positively for airlines.  The drop in fuel prices also means aircraft will fly longer before being retired and this will require world class spare parts support.   AJW Aviation is proud to be considered best spare parts provider for the third consecutive year and it is excited to be the destination of choice to keep these fleets flying safely while delivering investment returns for their owners.

Accepting the award was Boris Wolstenholme, CEO of AJW Aviation, who commented “The criteria for this award included parts stocked, current and new clients over the past 12 months, locations, number of employees, ability to source, supply and timescales. This award is a great accolade and a continuous reminder of AJW’s outstanding achievements in the last year alone. It is an excellent start to 2015 for the Company.

We are very proud to win for the third year running, particularly as it is voted for by our peers from across the aviation industry, including our customers, partners and suppliers, which makes it especially important to us. We certainly look forward to sustaining the reasons why we have been chosen three years consecutively, as we expand our business and build even stronger partnerships with our customers over the next twelve months.”

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