LAN Airlines Announces Routes for New Boeing 787-9 Fleet

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May 7, 2015


·      The LAN 787-9 fleet began operations in April 2015, and will gradually be incorporated into the Company’s fleet. In 2015, the 787-9 will operate from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Peru (with continuing service to Los Angeles), New York, Easter Island, Madrid, Frankfurt, Auckland and Sydney.

·      The LAN Boeing 787-9 will carry 313 passengers, 283 in Economy Class and 30 in Premium Business Class; 27% more than the 787-8 and with 23% greater cargo capacity.

·      The 787-9 is the first long haul LAN aircraft to incorporate the recently debuted unified cabin design for LATAM Airlines Group.

·      As previously announced, LAN will receive a total of 32 aircraft from Boeing, including 14 787-9 models, four more than originally ordered.

Santiago, May 7th, 2015. LAN Airlines, a member of LATAM Airlines Group, announces the arrival of the first 787-9 aircraft in Latin America to their fleet. The 787-9 is an extended version of the 787-8, capable of transporting 27% more passengers and 23% more cargo.  LAN will configure the cabin with 283 Economy Class seats and 30 Premium Business Class seats.

The new LAN aircraft began commercial service in April 2015, from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Perú with continuing service to Los Angeles, California and will gradually begin service on additional routes throughout the year, including flights from Santiago, Chile to New York, Easter Island, Madrid, Frankfurt, Auckland and Sydney.  The Company will receive six Boeing 787-9 aircraft in 2015.
Ignacio Cueto, CEO of LAN, commented: “We are very happy to receive this next generation aircraft into our fleet, which contributes to the plan of expanding our destination network.  The arrival of the Boeing 787-9 to LAN makes us the only carrier in Latin America to operate both 787 models.  It also strengthens our in-flight travel experience, transporting 313 passengers over long distances with the same environmental efficiency”, he said.

Cueto also pointed out a modification to LAN’s original request in 2007, for 32 total 787s, including 22 787-8s and 10 787-9s.  “We reached an agreement with Boeing to substitute four of the 787-8s with the newest model and we are very happy to announce that we will receive a total of 14 Boeing 787-9s in the first two years, which is great news for our passengers”, he concluded.

“LAN Airlines has become a leader in Latin America and in the world thanks to its outstanding inflight services, leadership and commitment to innovation and technology,” said Van Rex Gallard, Vice President of Sales for Latin American, Africa and the Caribbean at Boeing. The Boeing 787-9 is an exceptionally efficient aircraft in terms of fuel consumption and environmental performance, and new air humidification techniques reduce feelings of dryness and fatigue by providing cleaner air and a better flight experience for passengers.”
Features of the LAN’s Boeing 787-9
The Boeing 787-9 is capable of carrying 27% more passengers and 23% more cargo than the 787-8.  Furthermore, it can travel longer distances without stopping, while delivering the same environmental efficiency as the previous model.

The 787 family consumes up to 20% less fuel than other similar aircraft, reducing CO2 emissions by 20% with less environmental impact.

The 787-9 expands on the visionary design of the 787-8, which offers the best in comfort for its passengers:
·         Windows with up to 40% greater surface area than current aircraft, providing passengers with greater visibility during their flight.
·         Overhead luggage compartments 30% larger.
·         LED illumination and aerodynamics that provide for a smoother flight, in addition to new air humidification techniques that reduce sensations of dryness and fatigue, providing cleaner air

The LAN Boeing 787-9s debuts new unified LATAM Airlines Group cabin interiors
LAN recently announced the launch of its new unified look and feel for LATAM Airlines Group cabins. The Company’s 787-9 fleet is the first to feature this new unified cabin design for wide body aircraft and is testament to the airline’s constant pursuit of innovation to offer passengers the best possible travel experience.
The new look and feel was inspired by the colors and textures of the region, achieving a balance between the intrinsic passion of South American culture and the elegance of natural tones with a unique, personable cabin that provides a memorable world-class experience to all LAN and TAM passengers.
Premium Business Class provides full flat seats that recline 180 degrees with the same design as those currently offered, including an integrated footrest, memory system to save the user’s seat configuration, and a lumbar massage system to further increase passenger relaxation. In Economy Class, ergonomic reclining seats provide a headrest with four configurations, providing greater comfort to passengers.
The in-flight entertainment system uses a touchscreen equipped with cutting-edge technology. Passengers can access movie reviews based on the popular website IMDB and in the coming months will be able to access the Duty Free catalogue, add items to their shopping cart, and send their order to crew members. All of these options will be available on their personal touch screen from the comfort of their seat.

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