Our History

Realizing the importance of the aviation market in Latin America decades ago, Frank Tichenor, publisher of Aero Digest, established a Spanish-language edition called Revista Aérea in 1937. Aero Digest had the reputation of being the most prestigious aviation magazine in the world. The name Revista Aerea is a direct translation of Aero Digest, which had been in existence since 1921. Maximilian Garavito, a Colombian, with an aviation background purchased Revista Aerea from Aero Digest and published it until his passing in 1979. It has been published and edited by Elaine Asch since then.

Today, Revista Aérea is the top Latin American aviation magazine, directly reaching more than 11,000 readers in all parts of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It is read by the top executives in the field of aviation, both commercial and military and the information reaches the heart of their business.

Whether, a Commanding General or President of an Airline, coverage in Revista Aerea is noteworthy. Many top executives became interested in aviation reading Revista Aerea as a student.

Revista Aerea prides itself on its integrity and provides the mailing receipts for proof of its readership.

Revista Aerea is influential in the market and has established a relationship with the Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology to further the aviation careers of Latin American students.

Our advertisers share in the satisfaction of knowing that $100 of every ad that runs in the magazine is given to this College for books and incidentals for this visiting student.  The program has existed since 2005.

Advertisers in the magazine have been witness to the establishment of a franchise through exposure in R. A.  Potential advertisers quickly learn of the respect the magazine has earned.

Revista AéreaYour best communication channel with the fastest growing market in the world.