Latest Contract Brings Brazilian AW169 Orders to 20

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November 14, 2014


Continuing the exceptional sales success

of this new generation helicopter in the Brazilian market

  • Expected to be delivered in 2016
  • Largest single market for the new generation helicopter, representing 17 percent of the over 120 sales of AW169s worldwide

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland announced today a contract has been signed for an AW169 in corporate transport configuration, continuing the exceptional sales success of this new generation helicopter in the Brazilian market. Due to be delivered in 2016, this latest AW169 contract reinforces market demand for the aircraft, and brings the total number of AW169s signed in Brazil to 20.

A versatile, new generation twin engine light intermediate category helicopter, the 4.5 tonne AW169 has been designed in response to the growing market demand for an aircraft that delivers high performance, meets all the latest safety standards and has multi-role capabilities. The AW169 incorporates several new technology features in the rotor system, engines, avionics, transmission and electric power generation and distribution systems, and is the first all new helicopter in its class in more than 30 years.

The AW169’s avionic suite introduces state-of-the-art technology including a full digital NVG compatible cockpit with three 8” x 10” large area displays (AMLCD) and touch screen technology with enhanced graphics capability for maximum situational awareness. A 4-axis digital automatic flight control system (DAFCS) with dual Flight Management System (FMS) minimises crew workload allowing single/dual pilot VFR/IFR operations. The avionics suite also complies with satellite-based navigation, communication and surveillance requirements and has the capability to perform satellite-based IFR LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approaches to maximize round-the-clock utilisation of the helicopter. Safety enhancing avionics such as Terrain Awareness Warning Systems, airborne collision avoidance systems can be added to the standard avionic configuration.

The AW169 helicopter is part of AgustaWestland’s family of new generation helicopters that also includes the AW139 and AW189. These helicopters all possess the same high-performance flight characteristics and safety features whilst sharing the same common cockpit concept and design philosophy. This approach facilitates synergies for operators of these models in areas such as training, maintenance and support.

Brazil is the largest single market so far for the type and represents 17 percent of the over 120 sales of AW169s worldwide.

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